Adelya Nartadjieva, concertmaster
         Isabelle T. Davis Endowed Chair

Ingang Han, acting associate concertmaster
Melissa Barrett, assistant concertmaster
Aurica Duca, principal 2nd
Christopher Chappell, associate principal 2nd
Andrew Bruck
Clinton Dewing
Patrice Evans
Ann Hertler
         George V. Grune Endowed Chair
†Max Huls
*Jessica Hung
Jeehee Kang
Igor Khukhua
Ilana Kimel
Jonathan Kuo
Piotr Szewczyk
Carol Whitman
*Siyu Zhang
Megan McClendon Rios


Yun-Ting Kuo, principal
Darryl Manley, associate principal
Cynthia Kempf
Romona Merritt
Ellen Caruso Olson
         Doug and Gail Worth Sponsorship
Susan Pardue
         Stephen and Suzanne Day Sponsorship
Jorge Peña
         Lillian and Bunky Johnson Sponsorship


Alexei Romanenko, principal
        In honor of Burton C. Bryan, sponsored by the
        Henry and Lucy Gooding Endowment as
        advised by the Bryan Family

Benjamin Fryxell, associate principal
Laurie Casseday
Betsy Federman
Vernon Humbert
Brian Magnus
         Phyllis & Clay Tousey, Jr. Sponsorship


Todd Lockwood, acting principal
Patrick Bilanchone, acting associate principal
Kevin Casseday
Jason Lindsay
Paul Strasshofer
John Wieland


Les Roettges, principal
Rhonda Cassano
         Dr. Hugh A. Carithers Endowed Chair


Eric Olson, principal
         Doug and Gail Worth Sponsorship

Daniel Rios


Giovanni Bertoni, principal
         Jennifer Glock Endowed Chair

Patrick Graham


*Conrad Cornelison, principal
Anthony Anurca, acting principal
Maya Stone, acting 2nd


Kevin Reid, principal
         Winton Family Trust Sponsorship

Kate Caliendo
Aaron Brask
Thomas Park


Kevin Karabell, principal
Bobby Gallagher, 2nd
Benjamin Shaposhnikov, 3rd/utility


Chris Graham, principal
        Jeffrey Peterson Endowed Chair
        by Joan and Russell Newton

Yaoji Giuseppe Fu, 2nd
Justin Bain, acting bass trombone
*Christopher Bassett


James Jenkins, principal


Kenneth Every, principal


Steven Merrill, principal
Kevin Garry
Joel Panian


Kayo Ishimaru-Fleisher, principal

*On leave for the 2023/24 Season

†It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of one of the Jacksonville Symphony's beloved musicians, Max Huls. Max's talent, passion and dedication to his craft have left an indelible mark on our orchestra and the hearts of all who had the privilege of experiencing his music.