Plan your legacy

Cadenza Society

Become a Cadenza Society member by including a gift to the Jacksonville Symphony in your estate plans. Including the Jacksonville Symphony in your estate will ensure that the orchestra you love will be able to keep making vibrant music for generations to come. Your support means you are part of our Symphony family, and also qualifies you to be a member of the Cadenza Society.

Be recognized for your generosity!
Cadenza Society Members receive recognition, as well as invitations to:

  • An exclusive Cadenza Society gathering with Music Director Courtney Lewis
  • Premium Open Rehearsals
  • Annual Donor Appreciation Night
In addition to these benefits, you and your loved ones can enjoy immediate and long-term advantages of gift planning, depending on the structure of your gift. If you choose to name the Jacksonville Symphony in an insurance policy, will, living trust or as a beneficiary of another asset, view suggested language.

If you wish to name Jacksonville Symphony in your will or estate plan, we should be named as: The Jacksonville Symphony Association, a nonprofit organization with a principal business address of 300 Water Street, Suite 200, Jacksonville, FL 32202. Tax Identification Number: 59-6002520
Make a donation from your IRA
The IRA Charitable Rollover allows individuals 70½ or older to make a tax-free rollover using funds transferred directly from their IRA. This means you can donate up to $50,000 from your IRA without having to count the distribution as taxable income--and it counts towards your required minimum distribution. The IRA assets go directly to charity, so it isn’t reported as taxable income, and you don't owe any taxes on the distribution. Consult your plan administrator for more details. If you have questions about this opportunity or would like to discuss other gifts to the Jacksonville Symphony, please contact Bryan deBoer at 904.354.2767 or [email protected]

Have you already designated the Symphony as a beneficiary in your estate?
To let us know of your plans or to request more information, please contact President & CEO Steven Libman at [email protected], or Vice President of Advancement Bryan de Boer at [email protected].

Meet Hazel Peters

Cadenza Society Member

The Symphony’s presentations are very first class. I would love for more people to see the Symphony and hear it. We shouldn’t take it for granted - especially the caliber of musicians who play in the orchestra. It’s about sustaining it for generations. I know that the Symphony would welcome any amount to help in that effort.”
Though Hazel and Joe are relatively young, they are already thinking about the future and how they would like to support organizations that are important to them. The Symphony is part of their planned giving.

Cadenza Society members

When you support the Symphony with a planned gift, you also join a special network of donors who share your love for symphonic music. Being a Cadenza Society Member means you are a supporter who made a future financial commitment to ensure the orchestra you love will be able to keep making vibrant music for future generations.

Mark and Rita Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Anderson
Sandra Sue Ashby
Ms. Laura Bailey
Dr. Rick E. Bendel
Rod and Pat Brock
Mr. & Mrs. J.F. Bryan IV
Elizabeth I. Byrne
Carl and Rita Cannon
Warren and Clarissa Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Chisholm
Mrs. Gladys Clarke
Patricia Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Clyne
Mike and Naomi Coffey
Luther and Blanche Coggin
Dr. Elizabeth Lovett Colledge
Elizabeth Schell Colyer
Ruth and Paul Conley*
Caroline Covin in memory of Robert Covin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Cowden
Dr. Amy Crowder
Dr. Phillip W. Cushman
Sara Alice Bradley Darby Charitable Trust
Stephen and Suzanne Day
Ms. Margaret Ann Derby
Mr. and Mrs. R. Chris Doerr
Ms. Lory Doolittle
Mr. C. Jeff Driggers
Josephine W. Duford
Mr. Julian E. Farris
Brock Fazzini
William E. and Josephine V. Flaherty Family
Margaret and David* Foerster
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Gabel, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Allan T. Geiger
Mr. John L. Georgas

Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Gillis
Rabbi Robert and Marilyn Goodman
Ms. Marianne Sue Gover
Mrs. Mary T. Grant
Camille Clement Gregg Charitable Remainder Trust
Dr. Dan Hadwin and Dr. Alice Rietman-Hadwin
Suna Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Preston H. Haskell
Mrs. Elizabeth Head
Bill and Nancy Hetzel
Mr. Richard A. Hickok and Ms. Andrea S. Ashley
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Hiller
Calvin and Ellen Hudson
Magnolia Foundation
Mrs. Virginia M. Johnsen
Rebecca and Randolph Johnson
Lillian and Bunky Johnson
Rita H. Joost RVOC Living Trust
Bob and Cindy Kastner
Elizabeth H. Kerr
Dr. Frances B. Kinne
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kramer
Dr. and Mrs. Ross T. Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. E. Michel Kruse
Anne Kufeldt
Mrs. Helen M. Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lindsey
Dr. D'Anne Lombardo
Leyse Lowry
Mrs. Jean Lumpkin*
Maj. Gen. Gerald S. Maloney & Ambassador Marilyn McAfee
Dr. Joseph A. Marasco Jr.
Mr. Douglas Mathewson
Alison McCallum
Mrs. Frances W. McCurry

Lee and Bobbie Mercier
Barbara and Lance Mora
Sherry Murray
Mr. E. William Nash, Jr.
Janet and Joseph Nicosia
Lloyd Hamilton Oakes in memory of Ruthwood C. Samek
Mr. Valfrid E. Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Peters
Ms. Ruth B. Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Pierpont
Joanne Reilly
Ms. Victoria M. Rogers
Mr. J. W. Ross
Mrs. Ruthwood C. Samek
Mrs. Robert T. Shircliff
Mrs. Sally Simpson
Ms. Ann H. Sims
Mr. Alford C. Sinclair
Helen Morse and Fritz Skeen
Hal and Ana Skinner
David and Linda Stein
Mrs. C. G. Strum
Mrs. C. Herman Terry
Gwynne* and Bob Tonsfeldt
Chip & Phyllis Tousey
Rev. W. G. Turner
John D. and Mary Jane Uible Endowment Fund
Tom Vickery and Elizabeth McAlhany
Mr. and Mrs. Mark O. Walter
Stephen R. Wickersham
Linda F. Wilkinson
Stephen C. Williams
Ms. Renee F. Winkler
Dr. Herbert Wolfson and Dr. Christine Ng
Quentin and Louise* Wood
Mr. Thomas C. Zimmerman