Jacksonville Symphony Chorus


With some of the First Coast area’s finest voices, Jacksonville Symphony Chorus members come from all walks of life who share the spirit of singing great choral music. With a three-decade tradition of making great music with the Jacksonville Symphony, the roster also includes many professional musicians, skilled amateur performers and students. Since 2012, the Chorus had been led by esteemed choral director and composer Donald McCullough.

The Jacksonville Symphony Chorus celebrated its 30th season with a performance at Lincoln Center in November 2014. Singers from the Jacksonville Symphony Chorus traveled to New York to form the core of a 120-member chorus under Mr. McCullough’s direction, presented by Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY).

The all-volunteer Jacksonville Symphony Chorus has sung for many landmark Symphony events. Performance highlights include Mahler’s “Resurrection” Symphony for the tenth anniversary of Jacoby Symphony Hall and Orff’s “Carmina Burana” for the Jacksonville Symphony’s first-ever commercial recording. The Chorus has also sung in each of the Jacksonville Symphony’s annual grand opera productions.


Auditions for the Jacksonville Symphony Chorus will be held on Saturday, January 6, 2018 at the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts. Auditions are by appointment only. Email Jill Weisblatt, Chorus Manager for specific information and to secure a time slot.


Adams, William
Avery, David
Baker, Jerrye
Baker, Susan
Ballenger, Stan
Bartosh, Alla
Beattie, May
Bergstol, Jessica
Boltz, Jonathan
Bricknell, Elizabeth
Brooks, Louise
Bush, Dorothy Jean
Cannon, Rita
Cantley, Craig
Carroll, Chuck
Chin, Kenneth
Chisholm, Estelle
Choate, Dale
Clarke, Sand
Connors, Susan
Corner, Bradley
Crookshank, Nancy
Cross, Julie
Crowell, Katherine
Daugherty, Jane
Davis, Julie
Davis, Tracy

Decker, Alyce
Dickerson, Marissa
Doerr, Stephanie
Elledge, Jeff
Flint, Kate
Ganan, Brian
Gibson, Veronica
Goldsmith, Bonnie
Green, Jessica
Groth, David
Hale, Michele
Hall, Robert
Harden Baker, Deborah
Heckrotte, Carol
Heckrotte, Wayne
Hoag, Deborrah
Hodges, Mike
Hodges, Shawna
Hunt, Kathy
Jockisch, Steven
Karpen, Kiki
Kelly, Matthew
Kemp, Michelle
Kolb, William
Kuhlmann, Charla
Kutch, Ken
Lauer, Lili

Norman, Ben
Oakley, Shane
Leon de Lahaye, Lena
Lindberg, Ginger
Lowry, Leyse
Lumsden, Melissa
Macco, Mark
Maher, Jim
Markham, Kristin
Mattingly, Walter
McAlhany, Liz
McAlhany, Marianne
McGuffin, James
Medill, Kate
Medina, Osvaldo
Medlock, Pat
Meisel, Bill
Miller, Barbara
Miller, Molly
Mixon, Kenneth
Montgomery, Libby
Morrow, John
Mostella, Sevella
Murray, Joseph
Nesbitt, Tom
Ng, Christina

Robertson, Patti
Robinson, Mark
Offen, Sally
Owen, John
Pagan, Vanessa
Palmer, Jane
Patterson, Hugh
Paul, Rosina
Petersen, Anne
Petersen, John
Pierson, David
Pierson, Deborah
Pittman, Laura Jane
Potratz, Kelsey
Powell, Ken
Powell, Rosalind
Prince, Vickie
Pugh, John
Purcell, Nancy
Quinn, Amy
Ragunas, Paulina
Reasoner, Mark
Redding, Tim
Redfern, Nancy
Redmon, Wynn
Regan, Caitlin

Rogers, Karl
Roth, Robert
Rowland, Kim
Ruvane, AJ
Ruvane, John
Schlechte, Jen
Schroer, Jeff
Schroyer, Keith
Serotta, Jennifer
Shidemantle, Kara
Snell, Janet
Snow, Sharon
Stephenson, Laura
Sykes, Richard
Tobias, Hugh
Van Orden, Sheri
Vanderhoef Banks, Carole
Ventro, Hannah
Ward, Eileen
Ware, Jerri Lea
Weisblatt, Jill
Weitzel, John
Williams, Terri
Wohl, Cindy
Wynkoop, Peter