Do you have any pre-concert rituals or routines?
I like to get to the hall about an hour and a half ahead of time so I can warm my hands up by playing on a practice pad, get changed, and check to make sure all the sticks and instruments that I’ll need for that concert are onstage in the right place. I don’t want any surprises during the concert!

What teacher, mentor or other influencer inspired you the most?
Really all of them- I was fortunate to study with some of the best orchestral percussionists and timpanists in the country, and all of them influenced me in very different but deeply beneficial ways.

What has been your favorite moment on stage?
Courtney Lewis’s first concert as music director. We were playing Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique, and there is a part where four timpanists recreate a storm off in the distance. I remember feeling very connected with my percussion colleagues during that spot during each performance.

Bachelor of Music from Duquesne University, Master of Music from Cleveland State University.