Community Engagement

We will build and nurture the audience of today and tomorrow by creating a culture of symphonic music.

Through Understanding

  • Enhance the Jacksonville Symphony’s Sound Investment K-12 education programs
  • Create the Mobile Soundbox Music Education Laboratory
  • Integrate youth and adult music education opportunities unto all Symphony offerings


  • Enhance the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestras, Chorus and Civic Orchestra programs
  • Implement a diverse array of activities and benefits that enhance the patron experience
  • Create a unified network of volunteer auxiliaries that increase ownership and investment in the Symphony


  • Rebrand the Jacksonville Symphony as an innovative and inclusive orchestra
  • Upgrade the Symphony’s technology, patron and data systems, and website
  • Explore unique and diverse productions throughout the community


  • Extend geographic reach throughout the community and beyond
  • Create entry programs for new audiences
  • Implement programs to make attending affordable