Member: 2016

Do you have any pre-concert rituals or routines?
I must have something to eat before every concert.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a professional musician?
I have never thought about this, but I spent lots of time playing basketball and video games when I was in high school and college.

What teacher, mentor or other influencer inspired you the most?
First of all, I need to thank all of my teachers. When I was in Shanghai, my first viola teacher, Xidi Shen, led me into the professional world of music. She is a great person and also a great musician. We have a big viola family in the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and she is the Grandma of all of the family members. Jay Liu is the teacher when I came to the US to study. He is like a father to me.

What do you do in your spare time?
Practice and hang out with my friends here.

What has been your favorite moment on stage?
When we were playing Mahler 2, the 4th Movement last season.

Who is your favorite composer?
Recently, I listen to Mahler a lot.

I started to play the violin at age six. In 2007, I began to study viola at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music where I earned a Bachelor of Music degree.  After college, I joined the Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra in China as Associate Principal Viola. The following year, I attended the San Francisco Conservatory,earning a Professional Studies Diploma.