Behind the Scenes

Video Program Notes Weeks in the Making

Tiger Lily Media’s founder Brenda Kolb looks calm as she is sitting on a stool in Jacoby Hall pretending to be Courtney Lewis.  They are setting up to film the Music Director for the video program notes that go along with every Masterworks performance during the 2016-2017 season.

The people around her include five employees, a make-up artist, several Symphony staffers and Courtney. She laughs when asked how long it takes to prepare for this moment.

“Weeks and weeks,” she says with a smile. “When we are passionate about something, like we are about the Symphony, we put in countless hours to make sure it is perfect.”

Tiger Lily, which will be 14 in October, came about because Brenda liked to watch television. She explains, “I was a latchkey kid who sat around watching television after school instead of doing my homework,” she said. “It always fascinated me. When I tried to be in front of the camera that was a big fail so I ended up behind it.”

Joining her on the shoot is Art Director Varick Rosete, who has been with Tiger Lily for five years. A noted illustrator and designer, he has created a special look for this year’s Masterworks video program notes.

“The theme is music in motion,” he said. “Disney’s Fantasia was actually an inspiration for me.”

The video program notes will take the shapes, colors and lines of musical instruments along with the sounds of the music to create a visual of sound. It will be Varick’s version of what the sound looks like.

“There’s something about classical music that engulfs you,” Varick added.   And still interests him. “I played the violin in elementary school,” he said. “I recently tried to find a violin to see if I could still play.”

Varick may not be a noted musician but his vision for the music will be impacting Symphony video program note viewers all season.

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