Rock the Glockenspiel

Donors gathered at the Candy Apple Café in downtown Jacksonville on Monday, May 16 to celebrate the Jacksonville Symphony’s Rock the Glockenspiel crowdfunding campaign which reached its goal of $7500. Rock the Glockenspiel was the first-ever crowdfunding activity for the orchestra. Supporters who donated $10 or more were invited to the party.

Those attending all had different reasons to support the effort. Donor Kathy Holler spoke of the “fun” music that the percussion section can provide as to why she supported Rock the Glockenspiel. Becka Grover talked about her love of Symphony in 60 and her willingness to support arts and culture programs.

“We will do anything for the Symphony,” said donor Diane Hale who attended with her husband Charlie. “And we love fundraisers.”

The group was treated to a performance by Joel Panian of Tony Steve’s “501 North Tioga,” an original piece of music that is named after Steve’s former apartment at Ithaca College where he received his graduate degree. Steve was a member of the percussion section of the Jacksonville Symphony from 1978 to 1993. Today he serves as Assistant Professor of Contemporary/World Music and Percussion at Jacksonville University.

The Symphony was in need of a new glockenspiel and purchased a three-octave set of Deagan Parsifal Bells were which originally manufactured in the 1920s.