Latest Past Events

Beethoven’s Ninth: Ode To Joy

“Friends, no more of these sounds. Let us sing more cheerful songs, more full of Joy!” The words of Beethoven’s Ninth could hardly be more timely, comforting and inspiring than they are right now. Courtney Lewis, a world-class quartet of soloists, the Symphony Chorus, and the Symphony point us toward the future in this most uplifting work of art. Also closing the season is the first in a multi-year series of commissions from some of today’s greatest living composers, a world premiere from the brilliant British and American composer, Tarik O’Regan.

The Music of Queen

“Early on in the Music of Queen concert, the Orpheum Theatre balcony started shaking. It wasn’t due to faulty construction, but enthusiastic audience members rocking out to ‘Another One Bites the Dust.’ By the time the visiting Windborne Music Band got to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ the walls may have been shaking, too.” Be there when Jacoby Symphony Hall starts shaking to the music of one of the greatest rock bands ever.

Mozart & Juliet — Coffee

Peace and love are the name of the game in this program. Mozart’s final and 625th composition that he completed before his untimely death makes the clarinet sing like the human voice, and the greatest love story of all time (other than Kanye and Kim) meets the gorgeous, sweeping melodies of Tchaikovsky. Escape the daily grind with Courtney Lewis and Jacksonville Symphony principal clarinetist Giovanni Bertoni.