Piotr Szewczyk and Bliss Point

“I felt the urge to express myself by creating and playing my own music, not just interpreting other people’s works.”

This is the ideology that inspired Jacksonville Symphony violinist, Piotr Szewczyk, to begin composing his own works. Szewczyk began his composition career with piano works before incorporating violin and other instruments into his work.  Locally, he is known for composing the theme for WJCT’s First Coast Connect. Another of his works was a feature presentation of the Symphony during the May 2017 Art Walk.

In his most recent chamber album, Bliss Point, Szewczyk found inspiration from food science and the culinary senses. The album’s title comes from a culinary term for the satisfying saturation of a flavor, where adding any more would diminish its potency.

Szewczyk says this album has allowed him to explore the “saturation limits in the full spectrum of emotions, textures, and characters” through diverse instrumental pairings that add spice and flair to the composition. In Bliss Point, Szewczyk has created vibrant sounds throughout diverse movements that will capture the attention of any listener.

The album can be heard at navonarecords.com and purchased on Amazon.