JSYO Travels

During the upcoming 2017-2018 season the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra will depart on their first-ever concert tour. The JSYO Philharmonic has been selected as one of only three high school ensembles to participate in the 2018 Los Angeles International Music Festival.

The 75 students in the JSYO Philharmonic will be led by Symphony assistant conductor and JSYO principal conductor Deanna Tham, who begins her first year this season. The group will attend workshops with festival faculty, visit popular area attractions such as Disneyland, and will end with a performance in the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The festival will also host a welcome dinner where JSYO students will have the opportunity to build relationships with students in other participating ensembles.

“This will be an exciting adventure for our Philharmonic members and a tremendous educational activity,” said Kathryn Rudolph, Director of Education and Community Engagement. “I believe that this first-ever tour will put into place a regular schedule of similar trips for future years. This can only benefit our students as they are able to expand their music experience.”