Meet the Musician

Jonathan Kuo, violin

We may have a cockatiel named Jeffrey to thank for the talented Jonathan Kuo. He said that when he was four years old, his older brother was already playing the piano. He wanted to be just like his older brother so he started playing but was not a fan of practice. Apparently his favorite pet, the aforementioned Jeffrey, would sit on his shoulder when he practiced. Jeffrey was Jonathan’s first fan.

Then Jonathan had a choice to make when he was a young student. Though he started out on the piano, he added the violin and even played the flute from fourth to eighth grade.  What led him to his final decision? “The violin was the instrument that I was most excited about,” he said.  “And I kept at it.”

A native of Los Angeles, Jonathan has been around the world and then some for his music.  A graduate of The Julliard School (Bachelor’s) and Manhattan School of Music (Master’s), he’s performed with the New World Symphony in Miami and even spent a year performing with an orchestra in Norway. He loves the weather in Jacksonville compared to the snow in Norway.

Jonathan is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and combines his love of foreign languages with traveling.  “You simply get to go wherever the music takes you,” he adds.