Conductor’s Club Founder


Lory Doolittle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Jacoby



Mr. and Mrs. Jacob F. Bryan IV
Ruth Conley
Michael Ward and Jennifer Glock Foundation              

Conductor’s Club Benefactor


Ronald and Karen Rettner
Mrs. C. Herman Terry
Gene and Brenda Wolchok         

Conductor’s Club Diamond


Mr. and Mrs. John D. Baker II
Tim and Stephanie Cost
Stephen and Suzanne Day
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Doerr
Ann and David Hicks Foundation
Drs. Anne and Robert Lufrano
Magnolia Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Josh McGraw/Donald C. McGraw Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Newton Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Worth

Conductor’s Club Platinum


Carl and Rita Cannon
Dr. John D. and Mrs. Chung-Hae Casler
Dr. Elizabeth Lovett Colledge
Sally and Tyler Dann
Dr. Sandra Every Dean and Mr. Michael Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dickison
John A. Ebacher and Jill T. Wannemacher
Mrs. Josephine Flaherty
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Gibbs III
Margaret Gomez
Cheryl Grabenstein
Dr. Anne H. Hopkins
Calvin and Ellen Hudson
Michael and Maryann Imbriani
Rebecca and Randolph Johnson
Charlie and Anne Joseph
Bob and Cindy Kastner
Mr. Alfred G. Kelley
Michael and Heidja Kruse
Mrs. Edward W. Lane, Jr.
Trevor Lee
Driver, McAfee, Peek & Hawthorne, P.L.
Margaret Leu Means
Lee and Darlene Nutter
Ms. Mary C. Patton
Dr. Tracye A. Polson and Kevin M. Clair
Mr. and Mrs. John Ryzewic
Riverplace Capital Management
Mrs. Robert T. Shircliff
Kent and Marie Smith
David and Elaine Strickland
John and Kristen Surface
Gwynne* and Bob Tonsfeldt
Chip and Phyllis Tousey
Tom Vickery and Sarah McAlhany
Warner and Sherrie Calvert Webb
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Wiedenmann
The Winston Family Foundation   

Conductor’s Club Gold


Drs. Julie R. and James D. Baker, III
Sally and Jim* Baldwin
Byron and Cynthia Bergren
John* and Cherie Billings
Mr. and Mrs. William Blume
Borkowski Family Foundation
Paul and Kathy Bosland
Mr. Daniel Broderick
Nancy and Ted Burfeind
Sandra and Andrew Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Clyne
Cornehl Family Foundation
Jean Cox
Peter Dalmares
Suzanne Burns Dalton
Dattilo Family Foundation
Mrs. Susan P. Davis
Ms. Virginia A. Deroy
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D'Hulst
Mrs. Susan Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Drew
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
Mr. Mark R. Evans
Andrew Farkas
Paul and Nina Goodwin
Mr. Wayne Greenberg and Mrs. Elizabeth Shahan
Becky and Tommy Grimes
Dr. Dan Hadwin and Dr. Alice Rietman-Hadwin
Bill and Nancy Hetzel
Ira and Eva Jackler
Lillian and Bunky Johnson
Mrs. Mary Virginia Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Kanter
Peter and Kiki Karpen
David and Sally Ketcham
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Kovarik
Dr. and Mrs. Ross T. Krueger
Dave and Mary Pat Kulik
Bill and Barbara Maletz
Mrs. Frances W. McCurry
Julie and Michael McKenny
Laurel New
Janet and Joseph Nicosia
Robert and Flo Anne O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pippin
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Ross, Jr.
Sheila and Louis Russo
Kelly and Melissa Scott
Ed and Whitney Selover
Shorstein Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sisisky
Dr. Richard G. Skinner, Jr.
Ms. Debbie J. Snyder
Dr. Mark A. Spatola and Dr. Mihaela Ionescu
Joseph and Anna Spiak
In Memory of Harry W. and Dorothea E. Neinstedt
Jim and Joan Van Vleck
Ms. Barbara W. Webster
Dr. Lowell B. & Leslie Weiner
Ms. Barbara C. West
Dr. and Mrs. Charles N. Winton
Quentin and Louise* Wood
Martha Yohe
Carleton and Barbara Zacheis

Conductor’s Club Silver


Akin Agar
Thomas and Kathleen Argyris
Stanley Arkin
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Arnold
Teri and Jim Babcock
Stephen E. and Phyllis C. Bachand
Mr. and Mrs. Don Baldwin
Claudette and Richard Barker
Mr. and Mrs. William Blackburn
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Boushie
John and Cletia Bowron
Mark and Beth Brockelman
Cecilia Bryant and Richard Lipsey
Mr. Stanley W. Cairns
Mrs. Diane Cannon
Jack and Dorothy Cernik
Ron Clark and Karrie Haesele
Sharon and Martin Connor
Mrs. Robert C. Corbett
Mr. John A. Darby and Dr. Barbara Darby
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Darnall
Ms. Emily J. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Davis
Mr. and Ms. Robert Derr
In Memory of Shirley Collupy
Josephine W. Duford
Ms. Trace Duryea
Mike and Renee Favo
Mrs. Betty Fipp
Mr. and Mrs. David Foerster
Reed and Nancy Freeman
Dr. Daniel Fulmer and Ms. Kim Vermillion
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Gahan
Dr. John Gallo
Clark and Lauretta Gaylord
Lawrence and Phyllis Goldberg
Drs. Thomas Gonwa and Dr. Mary Alice Westrick
Rabbi Robert and Marilyn Goodman
Mr. Michael F. Greene
Dr. William H. Haas and Mrs. Brenda B. Verbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Burton V. Kagen
Don and Donna Kinlin
Charles and Anne Koch
Dr. Annette Laubscher
Janine Leland and Thomas Larson
Harriet LeMaster
Carolyn Marsh Lindsay
Dr. Lawrence A. and Emily Lisska
Mrs. John R. Mackroth
Tony and Gayle Manning
Judith and Ray Mantle
Ann and Bob Maxwell
Davis and Sandra McCarty
Rosemary and Allan McCorkle
James McGuffin and Kathleen Mullen
Lydia Saris, M.D. and Daniel Mechenbier
Marcia Mederos
Mrs. Jeanne Moomaw
Ms. Carol J. Neville
Newman Family Foundation
John and Dorothy Nutant
Capt. John and Mrs. Carol O'Neil Jr (USN Ret.)
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Patterson
Charles Peter
The Honorable Mayor John Peyton & Dr. Kathryn P. Peyton
Alison McCallum
John and Billie Rawot
Susanne and Lee Reineke
Mr. Bruce Rosborough
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ruhsam
Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur C. Rust
Peter Ryan in memory of Sandra J. Ryan
Mrs. Miyuki Scheidel
Mr. Joseph E. Sherin
Stephen and Joan Shewbrooks
Mr. Benjamin Shorstein and Ms. Nicole Shorstein
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Shorstein
Steve and Judy Silverman
Helen Morse and Fritz Skeen
Dr. Edward and Mary Ellen Smith
Dr. Mandell and Rita Diamond Stearman
Marianne and Ben Stein
Robert and Patricia Stichweh
Mrs. C. G. Strum
Mr. and Mrs. John Tancredi
Mireille and Robert Threlkel
Mr. and Ms. James M. Tilley
Rolf and Neely Towe
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tufaro
Gabriele Van Zon
Mr. Jonathan I. Wade Esq
Mrs. Carol Wallace
Arlene and Phil Wiesner
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Witczak
Mr. and Mrs. A. Daniel Wolff III
Hon. Gwen Yates and Lt. Col. Alton Yates, Ret.

Concertmaster’s Circle


Dr. and Mrs. Pierre Allaire
Mark and Rita Allen
Dr. and Mrs. George F. Armstrong, Jr.
David and Beth Arnold
Sandra Sue Ashby
Mr. John Avendano
Rita Banhunyadi
Mrs. Sarah Benoit
Mr. and Mrs. Francesco Borghese
Peter T. and Hollis J. Boyd
Douglas and Mary Braaksma
Karen and Mark Brown
Ms. Sandra Bryant
Mrs. Lynn Cabrera
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Caldwell
Cmdr. James and Pamela Christenson-Callan
Ms. Mary Ann Carroll
Warren and Clarissa Chandler
Jeff and Lee Ann Clements
Dr. and Mrs. Yank D. Coble Jr
Jonathan Coles
Tom and Pat Conway
Jackie Cornelius
Bill and Kathy Cosnotti
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Cowden
Harriett L. Dame
Marilyn and Bernard Datz
Virginia M. Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Fernley III
Fidelity Charitable Carney Family Fund
Mr. Robert Finnerty Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fogarty
Bill and Judy Franson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. French
Mr. Jaime A. Frias
Pat and Fred Gieg
Mr. and Mrs. Otis C. Gregg Jr
Ms. Gloria Griffin
Gisela Haemmerle
Howard Haims and Carole Cooper-Haims
Suna Hall
Jack and Grace Hand
Harris Foundation
Mrs. Harriet Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hayes
Sahar Aboudan, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hodgkins
David and Carole Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Hughes Jr.
Mr. Robert L. Hunter
Ms. Jo Carol S. Hutchins
IBM Corporation
Dr. Diane D Jacobsen
Johnson & Johnson Companies
Luke and Sandy Karlovec
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Kelley, Jr.
Ruth and Jack Kelly
Richard and Nancy Kennedy
Ronald Koblitz
Sunny and Harold Krivan
Norman and Mary Ellen Ledwin
Stinson H. Lenkerd
Alison R. Leonard
Eleanor L. Lotz
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Maley
Mr. and Mrs. Ron M. Masucci
Capt. Carl M. Mayer USN Ret
Mr. Patrick Mayhew and Ms. Helen Kirkpatrick
Mrs. Rose C. McCall
Judy and Scott McCue and the Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. J Mark McKinney
Mr.& Mrs. Frederick W. McNabb Jr
Mrs. Linda Crank Moseley
Robert and Monica Mylod
David and Kathryn Olson
Mr. and Mrs. John Petersen
Richard G. Pohlig
Mrs. Jane Preston
Richard Price
Heather Puckett
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Puestow
Mr. Gilles Renaud and Mrs. Gladys M. Draper-Renaud
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Rodell
Rev. and Mrs. John S. Rogers
R E. Rosemund Jr MD
Dr. Robert Rowden
Claudia and Steve Russey
Jeff and Chelly Schembera
Tom and Jane Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Seubert
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Singletary
Dr. Carolyn H. Smith
Townsend and Eileen Smith
Dr. Suzanne Spanier
Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Stein Jr
Mr. Ralph Talbott and Ms. Suzanne Plaine
Suzanne Tierney
Mr. Hugh Tobias*
Ms. Carol C. Todd
Mr. Rudolf E. Urban
Mrs. Georgia Wahl
Mr. and Mrs. David Weisblatt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whittemore
Linda F. Wilkinson
Dr. Mary Ellen Young
Mary Jean Zimmerman
Mr. Seeman H. Zimmerman

Player’s Circle


Richard Abdullah
Advent Software, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Anderson
Anonymous Gen. Member
G Anthony
Mr. B. David Avery
Linda Baba
Janean C. Baker
George and Carole Banks
Ms. Martha E. Barrett
Dr. James and Lisa Bolling
Mr. and Mrs. William Braddock
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bray
Ms. Deirdre Brewster
Mr. M. R. Britten-Kelly and Ms. Janet L. Markham
Ms. Crystal Broughan
Nancy Brown
Shepard Bryan Jr.
Caren and Dennis Buchman
David and Lynne Campbell
Ian M. Charlton
Mr. Kevin J. Chase and Ms. Ileana Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clare
Mrs. Linda Cliff
Elizabeth Schell Colyer
Mr. and Mrs. Mort Crim
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Crowder
Harriett L. Dame
Margie and George Dorsey
Ms. Barbara J. Drake
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Duffy
James W. Duggan
Kathleen Dully, M.D.
Julia M. Edgerton
Mr. George and Dr. Anne Egan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ezequelle
Sharon Feingold
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Frisch
Mrs. Kimberly Frye
GE Foundation
Yves Genre
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Glock
Mr. and Mrs. Roland and Sara-Ann Gomez
Mrs. Nancy Gregory
Mr. Glenn and Mrs. Denise Hansen
Ms. Barbara A. Haws
Mrs. Elizabeth Head
Drs. Richard and Maryanne Helffrich
Bill and Helen Hendrich
Mr. and Mrs. Al Herndon
Ms. Carol L. Hicks
Paula and Kenneth Horn
Bryan Howard
Mrs. Martha Huntley-Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jordan
Stanley and Sharon Kantor
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Emery J. Kapples
William Kastelz, Jr. in memory of Sandra
Anthony J. Kazlauskas
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Killackey
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Kolar
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Landers
James and Karen Larsen
Mark and Mary Lemmenes
Wayne Letizia
Ms. Anne R. Lewellen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Linn
Dr. Leonard J. Lipkin
Dr. and Mrs. Dean C. Lohse
Mr. and Mrs. David Lovett
Leyse Lowry
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Macleod Jr
Jim Maher and Richard Sykes
Ed and Sunnie Malesky
Kenneth M. Manning
Faith Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martin
Marianne McAlhany-Murray
Ms. Elizabeth P. McCall
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. McCauley
Mr. Donald McCullough
Mr. Donald R. McCurry and Ms. Suzanne Keith
Rich and Marny Midkiff
Gary and Yvonne Moore
Mrs. Mary Moseley
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth E. Noon
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Novak
Jeff O'Byrne
Paul and Zeina Ossi
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parliment
Jimmy Peluso
Suzanne C. Perritt
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Rickie Petersen
Joseph and Phyllis Power
Dr. George B. Pruden Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Quinby
Lynne Radcliffe
Mr. Alan Ragan
Judith J. Ratcliffe
Ms. Valerie W. Redmon
Daniel K. Robie
Dr. Daniel S. Yip and Teresa Rodriguez-Yip
Anne and John Ruvane
John Ruvane
Marie Santry
Trish and Ric Seiter
Dr. Ralph W. Sevelius
Martha Shafer
Mrs. Betty J. Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Skilton
Robin Smathers
David Spring
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Stromberg
Bernadette E. Tasher
Ted Larson's Legacy Group
Jacqueline Tomassetti
Mrs. Diana R. Tope
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Torres
Alice and John Trainer
Dr. Marcie Turner
Sherilyn Van Orden
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Varn Jr
Mr. and Mrs. James Verbeck
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Vineyard
Mary E. and Grace L. Voyles
Billy J. and Nettie T.* Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Mark O. Walter
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Walton
Ms. Eileen Ward
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Wilchek
Christa Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Wilson
Robert and Dianne Wilson
Jamie Woodward and Max Chmura
Ms. Mary Wysong and Ms. Sylvia G. Cotner
Drs. Steven G. and Linda Younkin

*denotes deceased