Beginning as the “Women’s  Committee” in 1950, The Guild of the Jacksonville Symphony Association (JSA) has given substantial financialsupport to our Jacksonville Symphony while spearheading innovative music education for school children of the First Coast.

The  Concert  Committee  of  the  Jacksonville  Symphony  Association  sold  tickets  to  the  first concert  of  the newly-formed  Jacksonville  Symphony  Orchestra,  and  on  concert  day  went  to the  armory,  cleaned  the  barn-like  structure,  and  set  up  chairs,  returning  that  evening  to  hand out  program  guides.    The  Concert Committee  became  the  Women’s  Committee,  later  adding the  first  Pops  Concert.The  performing  season blossomed  and  programs  were  moved  to  the George Washington Hotel.

When  Prudential’s  South  Central  home  office  arrived  in  town,  the  concerts  relocated  to  the Prudential Auditorium  for  larger  audience  capacity. As  the  Symphony’s  activities  expanded,  the Women’s Committee was renamed the Women’s Guild. 

Well  known  as  the  The  Guild  by  1971,  members  sought  new  ways  to  enhance  community participation  and found  success  with  Florida’s  first  Designers  Showhouse.  Other  projects include  trips  abroad,  the  Nutcracker Ballet,  fashion  shows,  pops  concerts,  pre-concert  dinners and many more too numerous to mention.

The   Guild   Education   Committee   provides   a   continuing,   significant   community   outreach, devoting itself to supplementing music education to grow our symphony’s audience. 

This  glance  at  our  past  offers  inspiration  for  the  future.    There  is  always  more  to  be  done, achieved,  and accomplished.    Our  members  are  a  vital,  integral  part  of  this  important  goal  of support for the health and success of the Jacksonville Symphony