Spreading the Joy of Music

The  Guild’s  Education  Committee  offers  several  programs  that  enhance  music  education  in  local  schools. Promoting  music education  is  an  integral  component  of  The  Guild’s  service  to  community  programs  such as: our  Instrument  Zoo  programs,  the Musical  Safari  Teaching  Booklets  that  accompany  the  Instrument Zoo  programs, scholarships  for  student  members  of  the  Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestras, and Harmony and Melody Grants to teachers. Explore Jacksonville Symphony Guild programs below.

Instrument Zoo

Volunteers take an assortment of orchestral instruments to local schools and Family Concerts. This provides children a fun, hands-on experience while setting possible pathways for future musicians. Following explanations by Volunteers, children have the opportunity to see, touch, hear, and play the instruments. Volunteers need no musical training - just the passion and commitment to enrich a child's education through music.

Harmony Grants

Teachers in Northeast Florida are encouraged to apply for Harmony Grants of up to $500 to supplement their music programs. The majority of the funding comes from the Guild's Music for the Eyes Painted Violin Project in which violins are painted by local artists and a drawing awards a winner. Download a Harmony Grant Application

Melody Grants

These are special-needs grants and are awarded by the Committee. All funding comes from donations.

Financial Programs
JSYO Young Artist Competition

Annually the Guild awards the winners with scholarships to further their music education. A competition takes place each spring and winners perform with the Jacksonville Symphony.

Eleanor H. King Memorial Tuition Fund

This fund provides support for children that meet the criteria to receive tuition relief and is open to all members of the JSYO needing assistance. Once students receive assignment to the JSYO, awarding of grant funds will be based on criteria outlined in the application.