Join fellow Symphony fans like you!

BRASS (Beaches Residents Actively Supporting the Symphony) and ARIAS (Amelia Residents in Action for the Symphony) are two auxiliary groups who make an impact by connecting Symphony fans, raising funds, and providing volunteer support.

Beaches Residents Actively Supporting the Symphony


What is BRASS? BRASS is the "Beaches Residents Actively Supporting the Symphony." BRASS is an all-volunteer group that supports the Jacksonville Symphony through financial contributions and by promoting concert attendance. BRASS also fosters appreciation of fine music locally by bringing concerts to the beaches, providing music education through a partnership with OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) UNF, and encouraging and mentoring young musicians with the BRASS Ring Student Music Competition. BRASS includes people of all ages and backgrounds who live or work at the Beaches.

Our mission is to support the Jacksonville Symphony by fostering orchestral music appreciation, promoting concert attendance, providing financial support and facilitating music education.


Amelia Residents Actively Supporting the Symphony


What is ARIAS? ARIAS is the "Amelia Residents Actively Supporting the Symphony." The primary mission of ARIAS is to serve as a provider of music education for the elementary grades of Nassau County schools. At the 4th grade level, we continue our wildly successful Instrument Zoo program, allowing children to handle and make sounds from the four families of symphonic instruments. We are continuing our financial support of Suzuki violin lesson sessions under the auspices of Arts Alive Nassau, moving up to the 4th grade level. In 5th grade, all students are exposed to marvelous melodies of a selection of Symphony ensembles right in their school. We extend our educational theme to adults as well by providing discounted bus transportation to a variety of Masterworks, Pops and Special concerts, allowing a broad spectrum of county residents to enjoy our local musical gem!

Our mission is to bring the Jacksonville Symphony to Amelia Island, to encourage Nassau residents to attend symphony concerts and to provide music education to children in Nassau County Schools through Jacksonville Symphony performances and Instrument Zoo.

For membership information, please call Sherilyn F. Van Orden, ARIAS president, 518.368.3877