Tyriq Johnson is gifted with a multi-octave voice as unique as his name.

Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Tyriq and his twin brother John began to shine at an early age as multi-instrumentalists and singers. Tyriq played Drums, Trumpet and Percussion; but could usually sing better than the lead vocalist in whatever band he was working in. The brothers Johnson moved West to Las Vegas in 2002 and were quickly in high demand performing in Clubs, Concerts and Casino Showrooms.

Tyriq’s soaring falsetto and confidant stage persona drew the attention of national acts working in Las Vegas. He was soon singing with recording artists Sheena Easton, Richard Street, Ollie Woodson, and most recently a Las Vegas residency with the Righteous Brothers. .

The “Serpentine Fire” project grew out of Tyriq’s association and friendship with Verdine White and Ralph Johnson of Earth Wind & Fire.  His voice is a perfect fit for their musical catalog – an instantly recognizable American songbook that perfectly showcases Tyriq’s vocal prowess.

“Serpentine Fire” is comprised of Las Vegas’ best instrumental & vocal talents. Their show is a dynamic and fast paced journey through the 70’s and 80’s hits of Earth Wind and Fire.

In 2019, Tyriq joined forces with Arranger / Conductor Mariano Longo and created a unique and exciting Symphony / Pops presentation. They have united this uplifting and funky music with sophisticated orchestration to present an irresistible crowd pleasing show. “Serpentine Fire” – the music of Earth Wind & Fire is a first class performance of this universally known music for orchestral audiences of all ages.