Mama Blue is an original. She brings the “live” in live performance. Her connection with her audience, whether they’ve ever heard her before, or even heard of her, has to be experienced to be appreciated.

The songs that Mama Blue has written are the core of her performances. Her songs are unsparing in their self-examination, but compassionate and supportive of those around her. Mama Blue’s originals are destined to reach an audience far beyond the area in which she has, until now, performed live.

Mama Blue’s songs are about her own life, the lives of people she’s known, and the lives of everyone. They’re about the joy and pain of love, about being a mother, about the social forces that influence our lives. And she sings directly to her audiences … not just figuratively, but walking out with a wireless microphone to sing to them close-up.

Combine that original material with a selection of songs by artists who’ve inspired Mama Blue – ranging from soul sisters Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Alicia Keyes and Nina Simone to rock bands like Queen and The Rolling Stones – and you have a musical journey through modern American life.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Mama Blue graduated from the city’s prestigious Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. She earned a scholarship to Jacksonville University, where she majored in vocal performance and drama.

Mama Blue and her crew have performed at festivals from Springing the Blues, Dancin’ in the Streets and Porch Fest in Jacksonville, to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, and at events and nightclubs across Northeast Florida and beyond.

With a signature flower in her hair as the finishing touch to her visual style, and a unique ability to reach people at the center of their souls, Mama Blue brings the warmth and understanding of an irresistibly genuine person to the stage.

You can get an idea of her talent from the videos and audio clips on this website. But to truly experience the magic of Mama Blue, hear her live – the first chance you get.