Mahler’s Song of the Earth

Sometimes referred to as Gustav Mahler’s tenth symphony, The Song of the Earth is no ordinary song cycle, titled by the composer “a Symphony for Tenor, Contralto and Orchestra.” Drawing from German adaptations of ancient Chinese poems, the songs explore themes of tragedy and the imminence of death, ultimately asserting a passionate delight in the beauty of living. Witness this narrative through a theatrical lens in this Jacksonville Symphony dramatic staging of Mahler’s profound testament to love and life.

Beethoven and Wagner

On Christmas morning of 1870, Richard Wagner’s new wife, Cosima, awakened to quite the surprise: 15 musicians on the staircase outside of her bedroom performing a new piece Richard had written for her birthday. In this instrumental pastorale, Wagner lovers will hear many favorite horn calls and bird songs from the Ring Cycle opera, Siegfried. Edward Elgar’s own little gift to his wife, Salut d’amour (Hello Love), is a warm and charming intermezzo on this program that opens with a lesser-known but brilliant gem from Wagner’s greatest influence, Beethoven.

The Great Schubert Symphony

Franz Schubert revered Beethoven, and even attended the premiere of the giant’s Ninth Symphony. Schubert’s greatest tribute to the master was to write a grand symphony - his own Ninth. Fellow composer Robert Schumann offered these praises: “ enthralls its listeners, drawing them along to the last joyous note.” The strings of the Jacksonville Symphony shine in the opening work, Elgar’s Introduction and Allegro. Join the Symphony family for a musical toast as we close the season with Schubert’s final symphony.