Plan a Trip to the Symphony!

The Jacksonville Symphony provides a variety of educational concert opportunities throughout the school year that can enhance your music curriculum and educational experiences. Each fall and spring thousands of students are transported to Jacoby Symphony Hall to enjoy a 45- to 60-minute symphonic program. We encourage classrooms in grades 2 and up to visit the Jacksonville Symphony at Jacoby Symphony Hall.

Preludes Concerts

Each fall and spring, elementary school students attend a 45-minute concert featuring the full Jacksonville Symphony at Jacoby Hall. Educator classroom guides and supporting material maximize the impact of the experience for the child. Preludes concerts are geared toward students in grades 2 and 3.

To reserve tickets for a Preludes performance, click here.

Young People’s Concerts

Young People’s Concerts allow students in grades 4 and 5 to explore a wide range of musical elements through live classical music. Curriculum guides and supporting materials are distributed in the months prior to each show, maximizing the impact of the experience on the student.


To reserve tickets for a Young People’s Concert performance, click here.

Students at the Symphony

Students at the Symphony is a FREE concert-going experience that provides tickets to students for each Jacksonville Symphony Masterworks concert via school partnerships. Pre-concert workshops with Symphony Teaching Artists, along with specialized booklets, teach students about the orchestra and connect content of each performance to general elements of musical knowledge and allow students to make cross-curricular connections.

To request tickets for Students at the Symphony, click here.

Coffee Series

Coffee Concerts are a perfect opportunity for students to experience a 60-minute subscription concert. Middle school and high school level orchestras and bands will be exposed to the traditional symphonic and pops repertoire.

Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, curriculum guides and supporting materials will be distributed in the months prior to each show, maximizing the impact of the experience on the student learning.

To reserve tickets for your school or community group at a group discount, contact Caroline Jones, Sales Manager, at 904-356-0426.