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Pictures at an Exhibition: About Victor Hartmann


By Matthew Patterson, Assistant Director of Community and Public Programs, MOCA Jacksonville Victor Alexandrovitch Hartmann was born April 23rd, 1834, in St. Petersburg. Both his parents died before he was four years old, and he was brought up by an aunt, Luisa Ivanovna Gemilian, wife of a well-known St. Petersburg architect and a former lady-in-waiting to the tsarina. Through the … Read More

Why is That Trombone So Small?

Conducting Electricity, Spotlight

By Bass Trombonist, Christopher Bassett When the Jacksonville Symphony plays music from the Classical and Early Romantic periods the trombone section often scales our instruments down to better blend with a smaller orchestra. As opposed to what we usually play – two large tenor trombones with valves and a large bass trombone with two valves – we use an alto … Read More