Schumann’s heartbreaking Second one of Lewis’ favorites

Courtney Lewis

When I’m asked the impossible question, “What’s your favorite symphony”, I usually refuse to answer, but inside my head a voice always cries out: Schumann’s Second! Robert Schumann (1810-1856) was the archetypal Romantic: he loved poetry as much as music, couldn’t decide whether to be a musician or a writer, married another artist (the great pianist Clara Wieck), struggled with … Read More

Nickel for Your Thoughts: Beethoven’s Seventh

Program Spotlight, Tony Nickle

In his own words, Artistic Administrator Tony Nickle shares what he believes to be the high points of the program, but with a little edge and humor for good measure. Happy Ides of March and St. Patty’s, everyone. This week’s program is such a juicy delight, featuring my favorite of all Beethoven symphonies and an organ concerto that shows off everything a … Read More