bestbet Symphony in 60 - Revel in Ravel

February 02

Thursday February 2 - 6:30 PM

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Program and Description

Courtney Lewis, conductor 

Michael McHale, piano


Courtney Lewis and pianist Michael McHale bring you the virtuosity of  two of Ravel’s most brilliant and spirited works. 

Happy Hour with FREE drinks starts at 5:30PM.
Concert at 6:30PM includes presentations by Courtney Lewis. 
Post-concert party with Symphony musicians and FREE drinks at 7:30PM. 


BERLIOZ ● Roman Carnival Overture


RAVEL ● Piano Concerto in G major 


RAVEL ● La Valse 


General admission seating for concert after Happy Hour 5:30pm.

Ticket includes drinks, hors d'oeuvres, and concert admission.

Use code SYM60 to purchase tickets for $25 each. 



French Connection

Video Program Notes with Courtney Lewis

Courtney Lewis discusses Ravel, Berlioz, and Dutilleux. Click to view the program notes video.

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